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Afraid of Travel Nursing? Here’s Why Not to Be

Travel nursing can be a great occupation. It’s ideal for those already involved in the healthcare industry. It’s a good choice for RN’s who want a job that offers something different. When you work as a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to visit different cities and meet new people. A travel nurse helps to fill in the gaps at hospitals, medical facilities, or nursing homes when other nurses need time off. They often help out with in-home care for patients who are bedridden or elderly. 

These nurses play a very important role in the healthcare industry. Without them, many medical centers would be short-staffed. And patients who depend on home health services may not receive the necessary care they need. 

Travel nurses help fill in the gaps with health care when other RN’s need to take time off. They can take on a job if a nurse has maternity leave, recovery for an injury and many other reasons. 

3 Reasons to Consider A Job in Travel Nursing

Travel nurses take on a lot of responsibility, but many feel that their jobs are very rewarding. If you enjoy helping others, including your fellow nurses, this could be a great career move for you. 

But, there are many misconceptions about travel nursing. These misunderstandings cause RN’s to be hesitant about making the career switch. Here are a few reasons why you should be afraid of this career move if it is something you are passionate about doing. 

You Don’t Have to Switch Jobs Every Few Weeks 

Many people think that working as a travel nurse means you have to change jobs constantly and move from one location to the next every few weeks. But in reality, you have the option to decide how long you want your contract extended. As long as the facility you are working for as the need for extra nurses, you can stay there in most cases. 

Travel Nursing Jobs are Ideal for Nurses of Any Age 

Some people may tell you that a job as a travel nurse is best suited for younger people in their 20s or 30s. That is also a common misconception. In 2010, the average age of an RN was 47. 

Hospitals and other medical facilities want to hire experienced nurses. That’s because they have years of experience in the industry. Working as a travel nurse when you are older may even be easier for those who have older children who no longer need a sitter. 

Travel Nursing Offers a Stable Salary 

Another misconception about working as a travel nurse is that it isn’t a stable form of income. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job growth for RNs should go up 19% by 2022. So there is a higher demand for experienced nurses all throughout the nation. Starting a career as a travel nurse will require some financial planning. You will also need to check in with travel nurse agencies often. But that’s only because of the downtime you will have between jobs. As long as you have a consistent flow of work, your travel nurse salary will be more than enough to meet your needs. 

Find Travel Nursing and Other Healthcare Jobs Available Now 

The rewarding role as a travel nurse may be right for you. There are many opportunities available that are local or in cities all throughout the country. Visit our website for a list of the most current job openings for this occupation and other jobs in the healthcare industry.

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5 Tips for Dating While Travel Nursing

Travel nurses offer a necessary service that allows others in the nursing field to take time off from work as needed. They are an essential part of the healthcare industry. Many people depend on them each day to help fill in the gaps at hospitals or in-home health care situations. 

Many people enjoy the versatility involved with being a travel nurse. They get to work with different patients and travel to new areas, all while helping out their fellow nurses. But there are some disadvantages associated with this profession. One of the biggest issues with travel nursing jobs is trying to maintain a serious relationship while being out of town most of the time. 

Useful Tips for Dating While Travel Nursing

Dating while you are working as a travel nurse can be difficult. But if you want to give a new relationship a try, here are a few tips that could help out. 

Let Them Know That in Travel Nursing You Won’t Stay in One Place 

The first thing you should do is tell your significant other about the downside of dating a travel nurse. You may be out of town more often than they’d like. Some people may assume that if the two of you fall in love, then you’ll leave your job as a travel nurse behind.  But if you are truly dedicated to this line of work, you’ll want to continue doing it. It’s important to find someone who is supportive of your career, but they should also be fully aware of what to expect at the same time. 

Use the Advantages of Modern Technology

There are so many ways to stay connected with others these days, so take advantage of them. Use texting, Skype, and social media to keep up with what’s going on and stay in touch. Sending photos to each other or video chatting each day can help make your time away more bearable for you both. And of course, using your phone to make a regular call is always a good idea too. 

Be a Good Listener 

This is a great tip for any type of relationship. It is especially important for those involved in travel nursing.  Paying attention to what your significant other has to say and listening to their stories from work is a great place to start. And lending an ear when they are having a bad day can make a huge difference in the distance between the two of you. And it can also help to make your relationship much stronger. 

Plan a Visit 

Planning a visit after a few long travel nursing jobs can help make things much easier for you both.  While this isn’t always possible, especially if you are a travel nurse staying with a patient in their home, you do have other options.  You can stay at a local hotel together and show them around town over the weekend, or simply spend the day together. 

Send Letters or Cards Through the Mail 

One good way to keep the spark alive when you are away from the one you love is to send them letters or cards in the mail. Do it without mentioning anything about it so that they receive a sweet surprise in the mailbox. You may even want to send a small gift along as well. 

Contact Us Today for New Travel Nursing Jobs Are you looking for a job as a travel nurse? We have healthcare jobs available for nurses who are willing to take on a short term or long term contract. Visit our website today to browse the selection of jobs we currently have available.

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3 of the Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing is a rewarding career.  The job generally has a high salary, as the positions travel nurses fill are high demand and often specialized.  In addition to their travel nursing salary, employees receive benefits like housing stipends, insurance, and more.  Here are three of the highest paying travel nursing jobs in the United States today.

  1. Stanford, California

According to the online job board Zip Recruiter, the highest paying travel nursing jobs currently are at Stanford.  This is the area where Stanford University is. Travel nurses in this California city make $53.24 per hour, which is $110,735 per year.  This is well above the median income of Stanford, which is $60,357. This comparison may be slightly dramatized, as it is a college town with a median age of 22, but this travel nursing salary is without a doubt the best available in 2019.

Stanford is a great place for a travel nursing assignment if you are looking for some California weather.  The temperature at Stanford is moderate all year long. The city is only about an hour’s drive south of San Francisco, making the Bay Area a perfect place to explore on your days off.

  1. New York, New York

People in all types of business talk about going to New York City to make it big and travel nursing is no different.  Travel nurses in the Big Apple make around $49.29 per hour, which adds up to an annual salary of $102,523. While the cost of living in the city is high, this pay is more than enough to cover it. 

New York is a popular travel nursing destination because of its pay, demand, and hospitals.  It is also a popular travel destination in general. Take advantage of your placement in NYC by doing all the tourist things – seeing the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, going to a Broadway show, visiting Times Square, and more.  You will never be bored on your days off in the city that never sleeps.

  1. Seattle, Washington

The city with the third-highest paying travel nursing jobs is Seattle.  Travel nurses make $48.90 per hour or $101,718 per year. While not as extreme as New York City, the cost of living in Seattle is fairly high.  Again, this travel nursing salary along with the benefits of the job more than makes up for it.

Seattle is sort of up and coming with large tech industries like Microsoft and Amazon housing their headquarters there.  There are also many tourist attractions like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Seattle is unique because although it is a city, it is surrounded by water and forests.  All of these places would be fun to explore when you don’t have to work.

Landing the Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

So how do you get placed in one of these cities?  The best way to get a great travel nursing assignment is to gain a lot of experience.  The more time you have spent nursing, specifically travel nursing, the more likely you will qualify for a role.  You can also talk with your recruiter at your travel nursing agency about bonus assignments and other high paying positions that you can apply for.

Looking for a travel nursing assignment?

Ready to start travel nursing, but not sure how?  New Directions Staffing can help.  The job agency has years of experience connecting nurses to the best placements for their individual needs.  New Directions is committed to forming long-term relationships with its clients, so you can rely on them to help you find your next assignment no matter how many times you move.

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5 of the Best Cities for Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can be a lucrative and rewarding career path.  You get to work with top professionals in the healthcare field, advance your career, and travel the country (or even the world) while doing it.  While travel nurses can work in a large variety of different locations, there are somewhere the demand and payoff is especially high. Here are the top five best cities for travel nursing.

New York City

There’s nowhere quite like the Big Apple.  Travel nursing can be the perfect way to spend some time in the city without committing to living there.  See the traditional sites like Time’s Square and the Empire State Building, go to a Broadway show, and make sure to eat lots of New York pizza and bagels while on your assignment.  The cost of living in NYC is high, but so is the salary: almost 49 dollars per hour. There is also generally a high demand for travel nurses just due to the sheer number of people living and working in the city.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has a lot of things going for it without even considering your nursing career path.  Autumns in the city are beautiful, and its rich history lends itself to many museums, statues, and other places to explore.  Like New York City, the cost of living in Boston is high, and so is the average salary for travel nursing: around 48 dollars an hour.  That’s almost $100,500 per year if you get a long term placement. There are many high tier medical facilities in Boston. A travel nursing position here would most likely mean working alongside some of the country’s best doctors and surgeons.

Stanford, California

You may never have heard of Stanford, but this next fact is sure to grab your attention.  This California city boasts the highest travel nursing salaries of 2019: $53.24 per hour.  This is where Stanford University is.  It’s the perfect place for your next assignment if you want to get a dose of California weather; the temperature is moderate all year round.  San Francisco is about an hour’s drive to the north, making it a great place to explore on your days off.

Durham, North Carolina

This is another city that’s less recognizable but has a lot of potential when it comes to travel nursing.  North Carolina is one of the top states for nursing when it comes to demand. While the salary won’t be as high as it would be in a major city like New York or Boston, the cost of living is much lower.  In fact, a one-bedroom apartment in this state is about 18 percent cheaper than the national average. If you don’t like the cold, moving to a southern state like North Carolina for a while is perfect for you.  Top-ranked healthcare facilities like Duke University Hospital are also in the Durham area.

Anchorage, Alaska

There’s no place in the United States quite like Alaska.  The beautiful state is made for adventure with its huge mountains and separation from the rest of the country.  Because Alaska is fairly isolated, the demand for nurses is high, especially during the winter months. Taking a travel nursing position here is a great way to build your nursing career path while also having bucket list-level experiences.

Need help finding a travel nursing job?

No matter where you want to go, New Directions Staffing can help you find a travel nursing position that fits your specific needs.  They are committed to making long term connections with their clients, so you’ll be supported in every step of your travel nursing journey.

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Three Reasons Nurses Choose Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is becoming more and more popular.  The number of traveling nurse jobs available is growing, as is the demand.  But why do nurses choose to go into travel nursing? With the high need for healthcare professionals around the country, why do they chose to add another potentially stressful variable into their already hectic careers?  Here are the three main reasons that RNs choose travel nursing.

Travel Nurse Salary

The salary for a travel nurse is often significantly higher than that of a permanent nurse.  This is due to several factors. First, travel nursing jobs are often in specialized fields. Positions such as a dialysis nurse have a higher salary than a general RN.  Secondly, travel nurses receive benefits that nurses who aren’t moving around don’t need, such as housing stipends.  It’s likely that your housing will be free to you while working in a travel nursing job. 

Travel nurses also have health, life, and liability insurance. 401K plans may be included depending on the travel nursing position and staffing agency.  Some agencies offer continuing higher education opportunities to travel nurses. It is even possible that they will pay for your nursing licenses.  Research travel nursing agencies to find out which one has the best perks before deciding on one.

Travel Nursing Offers Flexibility

Many travel nurses love the flexibility of the job.  The position allows you to choose both when and where you work.  Special schedules and days off are planned well in advance with your input.  With jobs lasting 8 to 26 weeks and the average assignment lasting for 13 weeks, even a position you don’t end up liking won’t last for long.  You will also be in a new city and probably a new state for every assignment, giving you the opportunity to explore various parts of the country.

There are all sorts of situations where this flexibility can be helpful.  Need to work for a few months then have a few months off? Travel nurses can do that.  Want to move to a new city but not sure if you’ll end up liking it? Try a travel nurse job there and see if it works out for you.  Some travel nursing firms can place you in temporary-to-hire positions so that your job can become something more permanent if you so choose.

Gain New Skills

Travel nursing jobs are usually specialized positions, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t learn anything while working in them.  Often specialty nurses are the ones who have access to the newest advances in technology. You are also improving just by the amount of experience you are getting.  Travel nurses have the unique opportunity to work in top hospitals and clinics all over the country. This gives them a different perspective on the healthcare industry than many other nurses.  You will also get to work alongside senior nurses and doctors in your assignments. All of these skill-building experiences will help advance your career and your travel nurse salary.

Interested in travel nursing?

If you think this sounds like an exciting and rewarding line of work, your next step is to find a travel nursing agency.  New Directions Staffing can help you find the perfect assignments that fit your needs. No matter your specialization or where you prefer to work, the people at New Directions are ready to provide you the best possible opportunities to advance your nursing career.  Call them at 888-654-1110 or contact them online today.

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Travel Nursing: How to Decompress Between Travel Assignments

Travel nursing is hard work.  Beyond the everyday challenges of working as an RN, you have to readjust to a new hospital and a new city every 8 to 26 weeks.  Working hard continuously without allowing yourself adequate time to rest can lead to burnout. It’s important to take time for self-care when you have time off.  Here are some ways you can decompress between travel nurse assignments.

Catch Up on Sleep Between Travel Nursing Assignments

A simple but important part of self-care is getting enough sleep.  This can be difficult with the hectic schedule of a travel nurse. Take some time between assignments to catch up on all that sleep you’ve lost over the past few months.  This is especially important if you’ve been working the night shift. Readjust your sleeping pattern while you have the time to ease into it. You’ll head into your next assignment feeling rested and ready to take on the work.

Take Time for Hobbies

Travel nursing, like any type of nursing, can often mean working long hours.  Once you get home, the only things you want to do are eat and sleep. Now that you have some free time, get back into some hobbies you enjoy.  Go for a run, or read a new book from your local library. You could even try a new hobby by taking a class or joining a club, depending on how much time you have.  Focusing on something fun rather than work, even if you enjoy your job, is a great way to decompress.

Meet Up with Friends

Do you have those friends you never get to see because your work schedules never align?  Use your time off travel nursing to reconnect. No matter what their calendar looks like, yours is empty, so you should be able to find time to catch up.  You might even have the ability to travel to see friends you haven’t seen in a while because of where they live.

Explore New Cities

It’s great when your travel nurse assignment is in a city you’ve always wanted to visit.  What’s less great is when you get so bogged down with work, you never get to find out what the area has to offer.  Once your assignment ends, you can stick around and be a tourist in the city you’ve spent the past 8 to 26 weeks in.  Visit that museum you’ve passed by a hundred times, or spend a day in the park you never had time to stop at. You could also search online for the best food in your area and have your own mini restaurant tour.  Whatever you choose, do something that will make each place you live into a great memory rather than just another city on a list of job locations.

Get Settled

If you’re able to move into your new house a bit before your next travel nurse assignment starts, do it.  Housing for travel nursing can vary widely from location to location.  It can be helpful to unpack and get acclimated to your surroundings before starting work.  This way you can fix any problems before your schedule gets too full. The last thing you want to do is move into an apartment where the hot water doesn’t work or the stove is broken a day before starting your assignment. 

Look for Your Next Travel Nursing Job

If you finish an assignment and aren’t sure where you’re headed next, talking with a travel nursing agency can help.  New Directions Staffing can help you find the perfect positions for your interest and specialization.  Contact them today to learn more.

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Travel Nursing Packing List: 5 Things You Won’t Want to Forget

Preparing to start your journey in travel nursing may be as exhilarating as heading off on a vacation. The packing, however, is much different. Forgetting important items will mean that you have to make time in your busy schedule to shop around in a location that you aren’t familiar with. You will be on the road much longer than you would be on a vacation, so the packing will be extensive. 

Even though you may be staying in one area for a few months, you aren’t moving permanently. You won’t have the luxury of “moving in” for good. Instead, you’ll have the stressful task of figuring out what you will and will not need for the next few months. Preparing ahead can reduce this stress. The items in this packing list are not only important to bring with you, but will prove helpful in sticky situations. 


Having your documents is one of the most vital pieces on this travel nurse’s packing list. Not only is it good to have important documents on hand to ensure that they are safe, but you will need to use these periodically. These documents should include your car insurance, car registration, travel documents, social security card, birth certificate, driver’s license nursing license, credentials, and insurance policy. 

Clothing for Travel Nursing

Scrubs are the most important piece of clothing you can pack to bring with you on your journey as a traveling nurse. Even so, you will need to bring other types of clothes too, like jeans, exercise clothes, or formal attire. Even though nursing is your aim, you may find other situations that require clothes other than your scrubs. To keep your luggage light, try to bring interchangeable clothes that will work for a variety of occasions. 

First Aid and Sewing Kit

As a traveling nurse, you are sure to understand the importance of having first aid on hand. You may not have thought of bringing a sewing kit with you too. Just as sewing up a wound is helpful to a patient, sewing up a tear in your scrubs will prove to be a great help. Instead of having to worry about finding new scrubs, you can easily solve your wardrobe malfunction with a few minutes of sewing. 

Portable Electronics Help In Travel Nursing

Having your phone and/or laptop with you while traveling will not only keep you in touch with your loved ones but will help you in many other ways. With either of these devices, you will be able to look up locations to shop and eat near you. You will also be able to locate different services that you may need, like an urgent care facility. Your phone, in particular, will allow you to listen to music or podcasts while you travel, as well as take photos of your journey. 

Cooking Supplies 

Maintaining a healthy diet in travel nursing is hard to manage on the road. If you want to save money and produce healthier meals, you may consider bringing cooking supplies along with you. With easy research, you can find out if you will have access to a stove or microwave in your new, temporary place of living. Being able to cook your own meals will not only give you a chance to relax but will also prove to be a good way to save money. 

Traveling Nurse Resources 

The most important thing to remember about packing as a traveling nurse is that you have time to prepare. The sooner you make a list, the less stress you will have while packing. Having the items in this packing list can really make a difference during your time as a traveling nurse, as well as make things easier for you. If you are still unsure about your location or want to start as a traveling nurse, we have the resources available to help. 

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Nursing in Rural Areas: What You Need to Know

For those used to the fast-paced world of urban or suburban healthcare, working in a rural area holds a completely different type of atmosphere and work setting. You might imagine yourself working in a sleepy town with little going on. In reality, working in rural nursing is an opportunity that you may cherish receiving. In fact, you might find that you prefer nursing in rural areas much more than urban or suburban areas. 

The Difficulties of Rural Nursing

Travel nursing in any area, rural and urban, will prove challenging in some aspects. When working as a rural nurse, you may find yourself given many tasks that you aren’t accustomed to. The fact of the matter is that often, in rural settings, healthcare providers will have fewer resources and staffing available than an urban setting. A lot more will fall upon your shoulders, like working more hours due to a small staff or working without receiving much training. You will also find that your wages will be less than they would be in an urban environment. 

While some rural areas may have some diversity to the forms of healthcare provided, most rely on general practice for many different types of health issues. This means that you will have to become accustomed to working as a general practitioner and a specialist. In some cases, you may have to go back to your med-school books to understand a broader range of health issues that you haven’t focused on before. 

Helping a rural community can easily become stressful. The different pressures of nursing in rural areas can make it much easier for you to experience burnout. It’s no wonder, considering how much more demands are being placed upon you. Even so, rural nursing can still prove to be much more rewarding than urban nursing. 

The Rewards of Rural Nursing 

Travel nursing in an urban area means that you are working with many different people in a day that you may never see again. All of these faces can easily blur away, but in a rural community, you will often see the same faces again and again. One of the biggest rewards of nursing in rural areas will be the relationships that you develop with your patients. Building a relationship (within the correct boundaries) with patients not only makes you a part of their community but makes helping them out even more rewarding. 

Patients who come to know you will know who to thank when they are feeling better. Sometimes, you may be greeted by a small token of their appreciation, such as home-baked goods, flowers, or a letter of thanks. Instead of seeing a patient once and never hearing about their progress again, you will be able to watch your patient progress. Receiving a heartfelt thanks and watching a patient recover are great feelings that will make you feel good about your work. 

In addition to a better relationship with patients, working in travel nursing in a rural area will give you far more independence. Doctors will rely on you for much more. This may seem intimidating at first, but you will come to find that this simply means that the doctors in your practice value your opinion much more. Not only that but having more freedom as a nurse will give you confidence and a lot of experience. 

Questions about Travel Nursing? 

After finding out about the advantages and disadvantages to travel nursing in a rural area, you may find that you have questions. With our help, you can find the answers you seek. If you are unable to find the answers you seek with our online sources, we are always ready for your call at either one of our locations.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Diet in Travel Nursing

When working in travel nursing, you will encounter some difficulties in making your own healthy meals and find yourself around many unhealthy, easy options. Eating healthy during travel nursing can mean a lot for your mental and physical health. A healthy diet helps decrease the chances of burnout and can deter illness. The temptation to eat unhealthily is definitely something you might struggle with, but with these tips, you may find that eating healthily is easier than you thought. 

Healthy Travel Food

When traveling, you will often find that most travel snacks available at gas stations or convenience stores are not the healthiest. You might want to prepare in advance by seeking out healthier snack options from a grocery store. If not, avoid snacks entirely, or check the nutritional values on the snacks you are considering.

In Travel Nursing, Know What You’re Working With

Before you move into your hotel or place of living, make sure you know what there is in terms of appliances in advance. You may find that you do not have a refrigerator to store food in or perhaps you do have a refrigerator, but it is too small for all of your supplies. You could find that you have a stove or microwave available to you, which means meal preparation and cooking, in general, is possible for you. 

Pack Cooking Supplies 

If there is a chance you will have a microwave or stove available to you, you will want to pack cooking supplies. Not only will cooking at your place of living prevent you from going out to eat, but it will allow you to relax and enjoy cooking your own meal after a hectic day of work. While some may not entirely enjoy cooking their own meals, they will certainly feel a sense of accomplishment by producing them. 

Travel Nursing Requires Storage

While they may initially seem like extra bulk to pack, bringing reusable storage for your food can be very effective. This means that you can cook in bulk and store it throughout the week or store a meal you were not able to finish. Fresh ingredients can also be kept in these storage containers to maintain their freshness. 

Cook Ahead 

In travel nursing, having a place to cook a full meal may be hard to find. If you have the resources to cook a meal, plan one that will last you the entire week. Are you making a protein-filled lunch, like chicken? Instead of cooking one chicken breast, cook a few and store them in plastic containers. There are many types of meals that can last you the entire week. Having these meals available will dissuade you from taking the easy route of eating out.

Research Your Options When Working in Travel Nursing 

Using your phone or laptop, you can locate the various restaurants and grocery stores in the area you will be working in. Not only this but with many restaurants, you will find that you can access their menu online. By doing this, you can research to see what places have healthy options that may interest you. 

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things that you can do for your body while working as a traveling nurse is to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you avoid fatigue and will help your brain function well. You may not be able to avoid eating out in some circumstances, but you can always opt for water. If you are worried about drinking tap water wherever you may stay, investing in a water jug with a filter can be a great help. 

Resources and Information

Eating healthy as a traveling nurse is highly rewarding and benefits your mental and physical health. For more information and resources on working as a traveling nurse, check out New Directions. Not only do we hire traveling nurses nationwide, but we deeply invest ourselves in helping them find their pathway to success.

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Travel Nursing Jobs: Starting Your Career

You’ve done the research, read some blog posts (maybe on this very site), and you think you are ready to start your career in travel nursing.  What should your first step be – and, for that matter, your second and third step?  Here are some things you should know as you set out on this rewarding career path.

Travel Nursing 101

In case you aren’t completely clear on what travel nursing jobs contain, here are some basics.  A travel nursing assignment can be anywhere from 8 to 26 weeks long, with the average job lasting around 13 weeks.  Anyone with a nursing license and at least one year of specialized experience can be a travel nurse. Being experienced and knowledgeable in a specialized field is helpful not only in becoming a travel nurse but also in your nursing career.  Having higher education or high-level skills can make you more appealing for a position.

Find a Travel Nursing Agency

One of the very first things people should do when they decide they want travel nursing jobs is looking for an agency.  There are a lot of logistics involved in this type of work – where positions are opening, what type of specialists they need, how long the assignment is, and more.  Navigating all of this on your own would be incredibly difficult. In fact, most travel nursing jobs can only be obtained through agencies. These companies work with you to find the perfect assignments to meet your skills. 

Not all travel nursing agencies are created equal, so make sure to take some time and research which one will be best for you.  As this could potentially be a long-term partnership, you want to be with an agency you trust and admire. Consider the agency’s background, qualifications, reviews, locations, and specializations when deciding if they will work well with you.

Get More Nursing Licenses

At this point in your nursing career, you most likely have at least one RN license.  However, if you are planning to become a travel nurse, you will need to get licensed in every state that you work in.  While the average time to get a license is between two and four weeks, in some states such as California and Ohio it can take up to six months to get one.  Stay ahead of the game by applying for licenses now.

There are a few different strategies for obtaining RN licenses for travel nursing jobs.  You could get licensed in all the states you want to work in. This doesn’t guarantee those states will have open positions, however.  You could apply for licenses in the most popular states for travel nursing – California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.  Alternatively (or additionally), you can apply for the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).  This allows nurses to practice in any eNLC state.

Use Your Resources

If you become a travel nurse, you will be moving around a lot.  It can be hard to make friends and feel a sense of community when you change jobs every few months.  When everything is changing over and over, it can be helpful to research things beforehand. Use online resources to learn about the place you will be living and your assignment so you know what to expect when you arrive.

Ready to apply?

Are you ready to start a rewarding nursing career where you not only get to help a variety of patients but also get to travel the country?  New Directions Staffing can find your perfect first assignment.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in travel nursing.