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First Travel Nursing Job? 3 Tips For Overcoming Your Fears ​

Working as a travel nurse can be a rewarding experience. You have the rare opportunity to travel to various cities while you help out others in need. Travel nursing jobs allow you to explore distant places. You meet new people while you gain more skills to help with enhancing your career. While it can be very fulfilling and exciting, working as a travel nurse can also be an intimidating task. 

How to Overcome Your Fears While Travel Nursing 

When you take on a travel nursing job for the first time, you may not initially know what to expect. Nurses who have never worked far from home for several days or weeks at a time will have to get used to this drastic change. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help make this transition much easier. 

Talk with Experienced Travel Nursing Employees

Discussing your most prominent fears with other travel nurses will help put your mind at ease before you begin a new job. If you know any travel nurses who would be willing to share their experience, discussing your fears with them can be a great benefit to you. Be sure to ask them plenty of questions such as what is different about travel nursing jobs and how long a typical job tends to last. 

Consider Bringing Along a Travel Companion 

While it is very common for these nurses to travel on their own, that doesn’t mean you have to. In most cases, you are allowed to bring along a significant other or spouse, your kids, a pet, or a friend. You will need to let your recruiter know ahead of time if you plan to bring along a companion. This is especially true if you need to make arrangements for pet-friendly accommodations. 

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get Organized and Packed 

As with any trip, you will need to take some time to think about what you should bring along. Give yourself enough time to get organized and learn more about the area you will be staying in. This will help you with creating a packing list for the road trip that lies ahead. This is also a good time to give your car a quick tune-up and have it inspected for safety. 

Find a Travel Nursing Recruiter That You Trust 

A supportive and trustworthy recruiter can help make the switch from staff nurse to travel nurse much easier. Recruiters help take all the guesswork out of locating your next job. They help you find the right travel nursing jobs that suit your particular needs, set up interviews, and assist you with nurse licensure as well as other important documentation. Recruiters help provide you with details about your new assignment, including how long you are expected to work there.

Keep in Mind That It’s Only Temporary 

If a long-term commitment to a travel nursing job makes you feel uncertain, keep in mind that this is a temporary position. Most travel nursing jobs only last between 4 to 13 weeks. Therefore, you can take a chance and try out a travel nursing job to find out if it is the right choice for you without much commitment involved.  You could find out if there are short 4 week jobs available to try out first and see how well you do. 

Are You Ready to Begin a Travel Nursing Job? 

If you are interested in getting started with travel nursing, New Directions Staffing has the job for you. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the job openings we have available.

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Choosing the Best Location for Your Travel Nursing Job

Travel nursing can be a great career choice because not only do you get to be a travel nurse across America, but you also get to choose where you go.  Once you’ve decided to become a travel nurse and connected with an agency, one of the first things you will have to determine is where you want to go. Are you willing to take any assignment that comes your way, or do you have specific locations in mind?  Here are some things to keep in mind when figuring out the location for your next travel nursing job.

Think about your preferences

Maybe you have no idea where you want to travel.  No specific city seems to be calling your name. You can start to narrow it down by asking yourself questions about geography.  Do you prefer big cities or rural areas?  Do you want to work somewhere with all four seasons or in a place that is warm all year round?  How do you feel about snow? Do you want your travel nursing job to be near mountains? How about close by a beach?  Use questions like this to specify which assignments you will take and which ones you will pass up.

Consider proximity for your travel nursing job

How far are you willing to move?  While some people take being a travel nurse across America to heart from their first assignment, many others choose to start at a location within their state or a neighboring state to test the waters.  If everything works out, you can always go farther next time.

Actually moving is another important consideration of proximity.  How far are you willing to drive that rented box truck you packed all of your things into?  Moving from the east coast to the west right away may be too much to handle in one trip. Instead, try to set up placements in such a way that you move farther each time from your original home but not so far from each assignment that moving is a huge hassle.  After all, travel nursing jobs only last about 13 weeks.

Be flexible

In an ideal world, you would get the location, salary, and shift you want at every travel nursing job.  In reality, this does not happen too often. Figure out where you are willing to compromise and where you aren’t.  Maybe moving close to the beach means picking up night shift even though that isn’t normally your thing. Or maybe you will go to a city you never thought you’d live in because the pay is really good.  Being flexible is an important part of being a travel nurse.

While travel nurses often get to choose their locations, sometimes there just aren’t many open placements.  When this happens, you have to be extra flexible. What is more important – being somewhere you like or receiving an assignment at all?  Don’t be afraid to pick up travel nursing jobs you think you won’t enjoy, especially if they are on the shorter side time-wise. Who knows, it might end up being your best experience as you travel nurse across America.

Need help finding a travel nursing job?

Wondering how to become a travel nurse?  Connecting with a travel nursing agency is one of the first steps.  Whether you know exactly where you want to be placed or not, New Directions Staffing can help.  The agency is committed to making long-term partnerships with their clients, so you will have access to placements for as long as you want them.  Call (888) 654-1110 or visit them online to learn more.