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Travel the United States, have your housing paid for, get great pay and extra benefits. Sounds too good to be true, right? You’re wondering — where’s the catch? A travel nursing career has no catches, only challenges. While a career as a traveling nurse is incredibly rewarding and can offer life-changing experiences that you’ll cherish, it won’t always be easy. If you missed out on the benefits of being a travel nurse, check out our earlier blog. But for now, here are some of the top challenges you’ll face as a travel nurse across America.

Unfamiliar Environments

As a travel nurse, you’ll learn to adjust to unfamiliar workplaces. Whether it’s a new hospital, ER, or practice, getting used to a new environment will be a unique challenge. When you arrive at your new location, rely on your agency to help you get acquainted with the new facilities.

New Faces

Some people are highly social. Others don’t enjoy constantly learning new names and faces when it comes to those they work with. As a traveling nurse, you will have to learn new names and faces each time you change locations. Fortunately, the work environments are in need of good healthcare workers, and in most cases your new coworkers are eager to get to know you.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Nomadic lifestyles can be tough on those that want continuity in their living space. Sometimes, you’ll just be getting used to your new apartment or home when it’s time to hit the road again. Packing light will help, but be sure to take along some personal items that will make any place feel like home. Photos of loved ones, your favorite coffee mug, or even your personal linens can all help make a new dwelling feel like a familiar home. Some find this to be the most challenging aspect of travel nursing, while others see it as the biggest perk. For the traveling nurse, home really is where the heart is.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Shakespeare said it. Travel nurses live it. One of the key benefits – meeting new people – is also one of the key challenges: saying goodbye. As you develop relationships with your coworkers, patients and community, it will naturally be hard to say goodbye. But, remember that a career as a traveling nurse exposes you to different locations and environments for as long as you like. Once it’s all over, you’ll have a wealth of experience to draw from as you decide where to permanently set roots. Harkening back on those close relationships that were hardest to say goodbye to will help you make that decision.  

What To Do With All That Savings

Because you’ll be traveling with your housing paid for, any extra money that you would normally need to spend on rent can go directly to your savings account. Over the years that money adds up. When you’re finished with your career traveling, deciding what to do with all that saved money will be an enviable challenge.

A New Direction

Whatever the challenges you face as a traveling nurse, you will not need to face them alone. Your agency will be there to support you along the way. As you adjust to your new environment, the lack of consistency may be a hard challenge to overcome, but it’s also a worthwhile reward. If you’re thinking about joining the world of travel nursing, New Directions is here to help you achieve the career you want. Contact a recruiter today, and get started with an incredibly rewarding travel nursing career!

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