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Whether you’re just starting your nursing career or you’ve been practicing for many years, there are several reasons to consider travel nursing. Let’s take a look at the top 5 of the best justifications as to why you should consider traveling nursing jobs.

Better Pay

Because many areas of the country are in desperate need of quality nurses – and quality healthcare in general – pay for traveling nurses is very competitive, and in most cases above the national average nursing salary. When being recruited or interviewing for a travel nursing job, be sure to ask lots of questions about things like per diems, health insurance benefits and continuing education benefits. With a quality health insurance package, the opportunity to further your education, and earning power along with per diems, becoming a traveling nurse can pay huge dividends for your career.

Housing Stipend

Free housing is perhaps the biggest benefit of being a traveling nurse. You may take advantage of furnished housing provided by the travel nursing agency or take advantage of the housing stipend and find your own. In either case, you won’t be responsible for paying rent or locating a place to live. That will all be taken care of for you.

Well-Rounded Career

Travel nursing jobs are in demand, in large part, because of the opportunity to work in some of the best facilities in the country and alongside some of the best nurses and doctors too. As a traveling nurse, you’ll get exposure to professionals with years of experience — experience that rubs off and makes for a more well-rounded career.

Know Where You Want to Go

Traveling the country, you’ll not only be exposed to some of the best facilities, nurses and doctors, but you’ll also see many parts of the country. From hot and sunny climates, to frigid and snowy regions, you’ll most likely see it all as a traveling nurse. What better way to know where you want to start your own practice, than to have intimate knowledge of many different locales within the United States. With this kind of experience, you’ll be confident knowing that you’ve chosen the right location when it comes time for you to set roots somewhere.

Make a Difference

For the same reason the pay is better for travel nursing jobs, so is the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Many parts of the country are in desperate need of medical assistance, and without traveling nurses, those areas will struggle to provide quality medical care. Travel nursing is a great way to actually make a difference within a community of people that need it. And, the difference you make won’t just be limited to those you help; many nurses find that the impact they make on people’s lives is equaled by that of those same people in their own lives. The overall sense of career satisfaction can be higher for traveling nurses, especially if they are able to travel with colleagues. See the country with others and feel a sense of satisfaction along the way, knowing you’re helping individuals who truly need it.

A New Direction

As with any career choice, there are pros and cons. And, so it is with travel nursing. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and weigh the benefits of travel and adventure to your own personal lifestyle needs before you make any decision. Travel nursing can be a financially and personally rewarding career for as long as you like. If you’d like to know more about becoming a traveling nurse, contact New Directions today to speak with a recruiter.

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